Social Responsibility

Produce good food, make good Allies, protect the environment, and do good public welfare

Better Life Idea

The development of Tang Shunxing fully follows the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the national "dual carbon" target strategy. With high-quality development as the main line, with the purpose of "producing good meat, making good Allies, creating a good environment, and running good public welfare", focusing on the four major action areas of "rural revitalization", "common prosperity", "environmental protection" and "economic sustainability", we are committed to using the concept of sustainable development, creating value through deep integration with all sectors of society, and realizing the vision of "sharing a better life".

  • The Concept of "Two Mountains"

    The Concept of "Two Mountains"

    Tang Shun Xing implements the concept of "green water and green mountains are gold hills and silver mountains", gradually adopts environmentally friendly packaging materials and low-carbon ink, and also follows recyclable standards in sewage discharge and waste utilization, so as to build an ecological environment of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

  • Carbon Neutral

    Carbon Neutral

    · Reduce emissions: improve feed quality, improve nutrient utilization, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit of livestock and poultry; The use of UV photolysis purification equipment + activated carbon adsorption technology to treat waste gas generated in food processing.

    · Clean energy: Solar power will be used in breeding, production and processing to reduce the utilization rate of coal power.

    · Waste recycling: production foot recycling, animal waste feather recycling, to achieve waste reuse.

    · Manure reuse: Poultry manure is processed into organic composite fertilizer through compost fermentation system to improve the added value of manure.

    · Self-owned vehicle control and new energy replacement: digital control of vehicle transportation efficiency, reduce losses, and gradually replace traditional oil vehicles with new energy vehicles.

    · Environmentally friendly energy utilization: The use of natural gas energy to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".

Economic Sustainability

The country has launched the "One Road, One Belt" and "RCEP" policies, advocating the expansion of exports of "characteristic" agricultural products, Tang Shunxing has responded positively, our company has been in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Thailand and other RCEP member states and countries along the "One Belt and One Road" to connect a number of strategic partners, and actively implement the development of agricultural products to the sea strategy to promote healthy and sustainable economic development.