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Talent Concept


As long as you have dreams and creativity, Tang Shunxing will be your showcase stage.


Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, Tang Shunxing encourages talent innovation, and constantly guides and inspires employees' creativity and imagination.

Count On

The company is your second home, collective and individual advance and retreat together, a glory, so that you always feel the warmth of the enterprise.


Carry out talent incentive plan from time to time, give the greatest incentive measures to employees who have special contributions to the company, job promotion, bonus benefits are available, your efforts will shine.

In Tang ShunXing
Become a better self

Service Capability

Specialize in the industry, find the most suitable position for each talent, discover the greatest self-value, let the senior business bull to take you to enhance the special business ability, everyone at each stage will have the same growth plan.

Management Ability

In the experience of various projects, improve the ability of self-management, team management and upward management, and become a leader with personality charm.

Learning Ability

Through standardized and rigorous work flow and goal plan, stimulate your learning motivation, learning interest, and gradually improve the ability to learn and solve affairs; The company has a large number of outstanding talents, they are good teachers and helpful friends on the way forward, but also the booster of learning ability.

Pattern Vision

The company does not regularly invite all kinds of industry experts and opinion leaders to conduct vocational training, improve the comprehensive quality of employees, and let you feel the cutting-edge ideas of the industry's big coffee; We will also organize and participate in various outdoor development and industry summits from time to time to open your vision of the pattern!

Employee Welfare

We Hope You Are

True and Reliable

Respect the truth and objective laws, sincere, not artificial, not hypocritical, reliable work, have as a responsibility, can do a beautiful job!

Love Life

Positive sunshine, with a good attitude, healthy mental outlook, not afraid of life difficulties, full of confidence in the future, with ambitions to expand the territory!

Be Grateful

Be grateful to your family, friends, society, and company, and actively give back to society to let more people feel the sunshine of the world!

Be Willing to Create

Make the world colorful with imagination, the world is beautiful because of you, constantly break through yourself, always maintain innovative thinking, complete the work with forward-looking thinking, and lead the industry trend.

  • Experience required: 1-3 years

    Nature of position: Full-time

    Education requirements: College

    Industry requirements: No restrictions on industry

    Job responsibilities:

    1, responsible for the planning and implementation of training projects, and continuous improvement;

    2. Establish and optimize the training system, establish internal and external teacher banks, textbook banks, test banks and case banks, etc.;

    3, prepare and improve the company's annual training plan and organize the implementation;

    4. Responsible for the implementation of the company's training plan, organizing internal and external lecturer resources, reviewing courses and implementing training;

    5. Improve and develop training courses and compile corresponding training materials;

    6. Planning, organization, implementation of enterprise activity programs and publicity work before and after.

    Job Requirements:

    1, college or above, more than two years of training management experience;

    2. Have rich experience in planning, implementing and monitoring training activities, and master training effect evaluation methods;

    3, with good organization and coordination skills and communication skills, strong plasticity, with a certain spirit of innovation;

    4. Active thinking, cheerful personality, positive working attitude, strong sense of responsibility, strong affinity and team spirit;

    5, skilled use of Office software, especially proficient in PPT, EXCEL, PHOTOSHOP, video editing and editing, etc., excellent writing skills.

    Job benefits: 

    performance bonus, food, housing, paid annual leave, full attendance award, size week system, encourage internal innovation

  • Experience required: 1-3 years

    Nature of position: Full-time

    Education requirements: College

    Industry requirements: FMCG, Food/beverage

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Develop and expand channels to find customers, summarize and analyze active marketing data;

    2. Assisted channel sales Director to complete annual and monthly sales target plan and net profit target;

    3. Conduct regular market investigation to grasp the dynamics of competitive products' prices and sales status in the market;

    4, deal with emergencies, follow up to improve the effect while dealing with hospitality relationship.

    Job Requirements:

    1, 25-40 years old, full-time college degree or above;

    2, more than two years of FMCG industry/seasoning industry or active marketing activities implementation experience;

    3, strong data analysis, market research knowledge/skills, good communication skills, strong execution.

    Job Benefits:

    Performance bonus, paid annual leave, full attendance award, encourage internal innovation

  • Experience required: 3-5 years

    Nature of position: Full-time

    Education requirements: College

    Industry requirements: IT services, network/information security

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for promoting the implementation and execution of documents of the information management Department system;

    2. Responsible for network security management, prevent information leakage and virus screening within the network, ensure the normal operation of the network and information application system, regularly organize network security evaluation, timely discover and deal with the existing security risks, and organize rectification;

    3, responsible for the company's internal network system expansion and reconstruction project design, and related program review;

    4. Participate in the collection and analysis of the company's needs, issue solutions and lead system configuration and functional testing;

    5, responsible for following up the progress of informatization project, document writing, system testing and other work, complete the project tasks on time and quality;

    6. Check the accuracy of data in the system;

    7. Responsible for continuous optimization and improvement of the company's business processes and system functions;

    8. Responsible for the training and assessment of IT staff and ERP specialists;

    9. Assisted the department manager to complete other temporary work tasks of the company in time.

    Job Requirements:

    1, college degree or above, computer major is preferred;

    2, familiar with ERP system related business processes; More than 3 years working experience in the same position, working experience in a large company;

    3, can quickly and accurately handle the computer network system;

    4, more than two years of desktop operation and maintenance, network management, server network management experience;

    5. Experience in computer network and hardware maintenance; HCNA and CCNA certificates are preferred.

    Job Benefits:

    Paid annual leave, food, accommodation, with a team, five insurance and one fund, the size of the week system

  • Experience required: 3-5 years

    Nature of position: Full-time

    Education requirements: College

    Industry requirements: Electronic equipment manufacturing

    Job responsibilities:

    1, responsible for equipment operation and maintenance ledger management;

    2. Responsible for the preparation of equipment and facilities operation procedures, the customization of daily maintenance lubrication standards, the formulation of equipment maintenance plans, on-site system training, and the supervision of actual operation;

    3. Assist in the implementation of sporadic projects;

    4. Assisted in project initiation and promotion, followed up the progress of construction site;

    5. Other work arranged by supervisor.

    Job Requirements:

    1, college degree or above, civil engineering, mechanical integration, mechanical design and other related majors;

    2, with large-scale equipment construction and renovation construction management experience is preferred;

    3. Experience in maintenance and operation of food and drug production equipment and facilities.

    Job Benefits:

    Food, accommodation, full attendance award, overtime allowance, holiday benefits, five insurances and one fund, performance bonus, regular physical examination

  • Experience required: 5-10 years

    Nature of position: Full-time

    Education requirements: College

    Industry requirements: Unlimited

    Job Description:

    1, responsible for sales order forecast review and production plan preparation;

    2, responsible for the analysis of production materials, computer material plan review, according to inventory and order requirements to develop the corresponding material purchase plan;

    3, responsible for the coordination and management of abnormal materials, the prevention and treatment of sluggish materials;

    4. Responsible for the preparation and maintenance of product material BOM;

    5, responsible for order receipt, demand planning and shipping arrangements and real-time follow-up, processing, to ensure that orders are delivered according to requirements;

    6, responsible for the daily work management of PMC department, responsible for the training and management of department personnel.

    Job Requirements:

    1, strong data concept, familiar with ERP, Word, excel software application

    2, more than 2 years of PMC working experience in manufacturing enterprises, more than 2 years of PMC department management experience

    Job Benefits:

    Performance bonus, food, accommodation, paid annual leave, full attendance award, team, size weekly system, encourage internal innovation

  • Experience required: 5-10 years

    Nature of position: Full-time

    Education requirements: College

    Industry requirements: Unlimited

    Job Description:

    1. Responsible for hydropower design, hydropower project follow-up construction, refrigeration project follow-up construction and equipment maintenance of poultry processing plant and farm industry chain project in Nanle County, Henan Province

    2. College degree or above in construction engineering or hydropower engineering, with 5 years of experience in hydropower engineering and refrigeration engineering

    Job Benefits:

    Five insurance, paid annual leave, performance bonus, full attendance award, food, accommodation