Shunxing Food: baked wax-type prepared dishes to create a market explosion

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Guangdong is an important import and export province of agricultural products. In recent years, Guangdong has shoulded the responsibility and mission of "promoting reform and opening up at a higher starting point with greater courage", intensified efforts to promote the docking of RCEP in Guangdong's agricultural field, steadily promoted the stability and quality of agricultural foreign trade in the province, launched the promotion and brand operation project of Guangdong characteristics and advantages of agricultural brands, and planned to implement the "high-quality development project of hundreds of counties, thousands of towns and thousands of villages". Strengthen international communication capacity building Tell good stories of Guangdong's rural revitalization...... Through a series of concrete actions, we will strive to be at the forefront of the country in forming a new pattern of comprehensive opening up in the agricultural field.

The Pearl River waves rise and fall, leisurely sea breeze more thousand years. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, and it has become common for Guangdong agricultural enterprises to go to sea. In Guangdong Province, 17 enterprises have been identified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as "high-quality development bases for agricultural International trade". Among them, Huizhou Shunxing Food Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as an excellent representative of Guangdong. Recently, the Southern Rural Daily interviewed Huizhou Shunxing Food Co., Ltd. planning manager Chen Yilin on the topic.





Reporter: Since the beginning of this year, Guangdong has carried out famous and special new agricultural products promotion and exchange activities in many countries. How will this help your enterprise and how will it positively influence the next quality improvement, brand building and certificate application?

Chen Yilin: With the introduction of the "RCEP" policy and the construction of the "12221" agricultural product market system in Guangdong Province, the promotion and exchange activities of famous and special new agricultural products have been carried out in many countries, providing development impetus for enterprises to open up the two markets of producing area and expanding sales area, and the export of Guangdong's "characteristic" agricultural products has become a trend. Tang Shunxing is actively deploying the globalization strategy, the brand has become the current focus of work. At present, our company has connected with a number of strategic partners in RCEP member countries such as Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Thailand. Through the investigation of consumer groups, food culture, consumption potential, upstream and downstream supply chain, agricultural export trade policy and other information in the local market, we found that the local market has a good market growth space. Our company is accelerating the promotion of foreign recommendation registration work, if we obtain the export registration qualification of these member states, obtain the "pass" to enter the international market, I believe that in the near future, our high-quality products will smell the world, bring the taste of home to overseas Chinese, let the world witness the power of Chinese brands!


Reporter: On the one hand, many domestic enterprises and products want to go abroad and enter the RCEP and high-end markets in Europe and the United States. On the other hand, many overseas merchants and chambers of commerce come to consult and find products that are suitable for local catering needs and meet the entry requirements, but few have actually reached cooperation. What do you think is the main reason? What experience do you have (or what help do you need) in accurately finding overseas customers, building a large customer base, and enhancing brand exposure?

Chen Yilin: At present, the challenge facing the industry is in the export of prepared dishes, and the different market rules and product rules in each country are a big challenge for prepared dishes enterprises. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the quality control system and strength of the enterprise. In order to adapt to the new situation, our company creates a quality standard system for supply to Hong Kong:

(1) The breeding environment builds a solid base of raw materials for products and benchmarks national standards

The raw materials of the food exported by the company are all from the breeding base registered by the customs. The location of the base is far away from urban areas and industrial zones, with reasonable layout, perfect facilities, clean production process, safe and efficient output, and high resource recycling, all adopt a high-standard modern ecological breeding model, and the company's Shunan Ranch has won the title of national livestock and poultry breeding standardization demonstration farm.

(2) Attach importance to the production process and form a scientific management system

The company implements the "five unified" management method for all exported poultry meat record farms (that is, unified supply of poultry seedlings, unified epidemic prevention and disinfection, unified supply of feed, unified supply of drugs, unified slaughter and processing). Establish a quality management system covering the whole process of seedlings, feed, breeding, slaughter, processing and sales, and every key control point of product production safety and quality traceability, raise food safety to the height of the national security strategy, and implement risk management from farm to table.

(3) Scientific inspection and quarantine supervision system to ensure the safety of export food

In strict accordance with national standards and ISO9001 and HACCP system requirements, the company has built its own high-standard food inspection and testing room, and each batch of products in the production process are strictly inspected according to the inspection procedure to ensure food quality and safety. And every year regularly or irregularly accept customs, animal husbandry bureau, market supervision Administration, China Quality Certification Center, Hong Kong Food and Environmental Protection Department, the third party testing institutions hired by the world's top 500 enterprises, to conduct strict testing and evaluation audit.


Reporter: Take France as an example, it pioneered the Michelin restaurant model, "French food" is synonymous with European and even the world food, the French "can eat, love to eat". And "Eating in Guangdong" is also the world's recognition of Guangdong cuisine and ingredients. What opportunities do you think there are between the two? Where is the entry point for the combination of French and Chinese food? In order to better link the most people in China and the West who will eat, the most companies and restaurants who will do food, how should domestic enterprises actively match in the production and processing process?

Chen Yilin: It is also famous for "being able to eat and loving to eat", indicating that there are opportunities for food exchange and trade between the two. In recent years, there is a precedent for combining Chinese and French ingredients and cooking techniques. This taste integration needs research, testing and multi-comparison, in order to better link Chinese and Western food enterprises, restaurants, in the process of production and processing to do a good job of quality control.

Taking Tang Shunxing as an example, in order to promote the share of Tang Shunxing brand in domestic and foreign markets, accelerate the high-quality development of agricultural international trade, and fully enter the international market, our company has thoroughly studied international standards, built the whole industrial chain traceability system, HACCP system, quality management system and enterprise operation system, and expanded the core R & D technical team. Build high-standard food processing parks, introduce advanced production equipment, upgrade the hardware environment of plant facilities, production workshops and quality inspection centers, upgrade every key control point of product production safety and quality traceability, carry out high-quality production in accordance with relevant export regulations, and actively participate in the formulation and revision of national standards and industry standards. To promote the upgrading of equipment manufacturing and product quality by upgrading standards.


Reporter: What kind of products are overseas customers and consumers most interested in? What is the reason behind this trip? How will the company amplify these advantages after this trip? What conditions do you think international exhibitions that are helpful to Guangdong's overseas enterprises should have (or are interested in international exhibitions that can provide what resources)?

Chen Yilin: In 2022, the total annual sales of prepared dishes reached 310 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 45.9%. The biggest highlight of the company's boxed prefabricated vegetable chicken products is that they are boneless, and adults and children can be assured to eat them. Speaking of explosive, we'd like to introduce the company's white cut chicken. The raw material of white cut chicken is Sanhuang chicken fed with grain, and the meat is tender but not fishy. The processing process uses microwave + low temperature slow cooking, so that the chicken is just cooked and not rotten, the bone contains a little blood, and the original chicken juice is delicious. In addition, the processing technology of our white cut chicken has obtained relevant patents, which is one of our best-selling products.

Food material control advantages: Tang Shunxing self-built breeding base, Shunan ranch obtained the national livestock and poultry breeding standardization demonstration farm, through the non-resistance certification, from the source control, to ensure product quality!

Production efficiency advantage: Tang Shunxing realizes large-scale production and processing through the digital empowerment of production process, thus achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Quality control advantage: Tang Shunxing has passed HACCP,ISO 9001 certification, standardized production process, to ensure product taste and quality consistency.

Research and development advantages: Tang Shunxing has more than 100 professional and technical personnel, with a Hong Kong kitchen team with 30 years of experience, a professional dish research and development laboratory, with physical and chemical, microbial and other project testing capabilities.


Reporter: What do you think of the practice of placing production and processing lines in target countries, and do you recommend that companies do this? The reasons for doing (or not doing) this are.

Chen Yilin: The specific policies and environments of different countries and regions are different, and whether to place the production and processing line in the target country should be determined according to the situation, which is one of the important strategies for enterprises to pursue the maximization of benefits and market competitiveness.

Labor costs are an important consideration. By moving production lines to countries with lower labor costs, companies can reduce production costs and improve competitiveness. Otherwise, it is not suitable.

Market proximity is also an important factor. Moving production abroad can bring companies closer to their main markets. Businesses can supply products to local markets faster and better meet the needs of local consumers. In addition, moving abroad can also reduce logistics costs and delivery times, making companies more flexible and responsive.

Third, the policy environment and legal system are also important factors affecting the transfer of production lines. Some countries have offered preferential policies and tax breaks for foreign investors, attracting a large amount of foreign capital. On the contrary, it is not recommended to place the production line in the target country.

Whether to move production abroad takes into account multiple factors, including labor costs, market access, the policy environment and legal system, the transfer of technology and expertise, and the establishment of global supply chains.


Reporter: Specifically, which of the company's products do you think can become popular in overseas markets? Why?

Chen Yilin: Overseas, after decades of development, consumers have formed a high degree of awareness and acceptance of prepared dishes. Therefore, there is a bright future for prepared wet markets overseas.

Our next goal is to prepare baked wax-type dishes, hoping to gradually transform the export of agricultural products from primary processing to deep processing of agricultural products. We are very optimistic about the market development prospects of Hong Kong-style roasted wax-prepared dishes, which have both history and characteristics. Secondly, the ancestors of many overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and a majority of overseas students come from Guangdong, and baking is their "homesickness" on the tip of their tongue, and this group is expected to become a loyal supporter of baked prefabricated dishes. Then the development of roasted meat prepared dishes is conducive to opening the Southeast Asian market.

In the future, we will actively follow the trend of policy development, carry out multi-faceted exchanges and cooperation in the field of technology, improve quality and upgrade, seek common development, create a better future, and together make new and greater contributions to rural revitalization.

Reporter: Some enterprises will try the production and supply mode of OEM processing in the early stage of going to sea. What do you think (you can talk about solving the survival problem or accumulating customer resources, etc.)? If you want to win the brand reputation of Chinese enterprises in the local area, you should take several steps.

Chen Yilin: In order to win the local brand reputation of Chinese enterprises, one is to build good quality and provide high-quality products and services, which is the basis of having a brand reputation. The second is to adhere to integrity as the fundamental, rely on credibility to win the reputation and market. The third is to adhere to innovation as the core, and constantly lead the market with new products and new models, improve market share, improve reputation, and meet the needs of different levels with differentiation. Fourth, adhere to the market-oriented, to better meet the needs of the market and customers. If we can better expand the market and win the recognition of local consumers, it will form brand influence. The fifth is to adhere to the professional choice, and continue to do a good job of an enterprise and a good product. Sixth, adhere to the basis of communication, and enhance and expand the international influence of the brand through multiple channels. It is necessary to use various modern communication means to tell corporate brand stories.

Reporter: Combined with your own experience, corporate positioning and background, you summed up the experience of Guangdong agricultural products going to sea in one sentence.

Chen Yilin: Relative to the quality of the product, the overseas market needs enough patience and financial support to do long-term market expansion. Constantly collect market feedback to improve and satisfy local consumers' pursuit of taste buds.

Reporter Lin Jianmin

Source Southern Rural Daily